OLTCHIM S.A. Rm.Vālcea is one of the largest chemicals producers in Romania and a reference name in the Romanian economy.

OLTCHIM S.A. Rm.Vālcea was established in 1966, under the name of Rāmnicu Vālcea Chemical Works and in 1990 became a joint stock company by total undertaking of the Chemical Works' patrimony.

Production structure:

  • Inorganic products - caustic soda (liquid, solid, flakes, pearls), liquid chlorine, synthesis hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide

  • Macromolecular products - PVC, polyether polyols

  • Organic synthesis products - oxo-alcohols (octanol, iso-butanol), dioctylphthalate, phthalic anhydride, propylene oxide, polypropylene glycol

  • Organic chlorinated solvents - perchlorethylene

  • Construction materials - PVC profiles for doors and windows - RAMPLAST, PVC insulating panels - PANPLAST, sandwich panels with polyurethane foam insertion - OLTPAN
    Because the main requirement to be successful is to create a Culture of Quality, OLTCHIM's motto is:

"Perfection in quality and business"

The efforts of both the managerial team and of the specialists in order to attain this major goal led in 1997 to the certification of the quality management system, by TÜV SUDDEUTSCHLAND, according to ISO 9001 and in 1999, to the certification of the environmental management system, according to ISO 14001.

Beginning with the year 2000, the two management systems were integrated in a single one, the Quality&Environmental Integrated System.

The concern of the managerial team of OLTCHIM for applying the newest management concepts continued and presently is being implemented the TQM - Total Quality Management concept, according to the EFQM Model for excellence.

OLTCHIM brand represents the guarantee of quality and this fact was rewarded with the "J.M.Juran" Romanian Price for Quality in the year 2000 and with the "J.M.Juran" Quality Trophy in 2001. In 2005 Oltchim was awarded the price "Recognised for Excellence in Europe" by European Foundation for Quality Management.

From the beginning, OLTCHIM gained recognition on the global chemicals market by quality, variety, and seriousness.

More than 70% of company's production is exported and OLTCHIM brand can be found in over 80 countries. Within his present trade policy, taking into account the short distances-lower transport costs- and the rising economic growth potential of the region, OLTCHIM is focusing also on the neighbouring markets.

The main export markets are Middle East (mainly Turkey), Central and Eastern Europe, West Europe. OLTCHIM exports also in Africa and Asia/Pacific.

In Central and Eastern Europe, OLTCHIM is the first major producer for chlor-alkali and the second one for polyvinyl chloride. Also OLTCHIM is market leader for polyether polyols and propenoxide in Central and Eastern Europe.

During last years OLTCHIM launched new products as caustic soda pearls, phthalic anhydride, dioctyl phthalate.

Now, OLTCHIM focuses all its efforts towards products quality improvement, cost saving, production range broadening, clients expectations meeting, environment protection and its position strengthening on the domestic and foreign market.

Company's specialists prepaired an ample and ambitious Revamping and Development Program that started in 1994 and develops on stages, according to the demands of the global market.

Of priority are capacity extensions of the vinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride, polyether polyols and propylene oxide plants, and also there already exist cooperation projects with worldwide renown companies, for an isocyanates plant acquiring.

A company cannot develop without a market, therefore, besides production capacities increase and product range broadening, Oltchim focused on achieving new markets, on settling new business relationships, and on maintaining and gaining clients brand loyalty.

The modern management techniques that are applied in OLTCHIM, make the balance between tradition and change, and the change is the main challenge of the present.

Applying a strategy showing maturity and stability allows OLTCHIM to consolidate the position gained during 40 years of experience and constant activity on the global chemicals market.